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Houstons Largest Community-Wide Garage Sale begins:
October 8, 2011 at 7:00AM.

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September 21, 2011
The 2011 Oakhurst Community Garage Sale is Almost Here.

Houston's Largest Garage Sale Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Better!

Last year, we had more than 220 families participating in the garage sale. That means that 1 in every 5 homes in Oakhurst participated in last year's sale.

In 2010, the final estimate from sheriff deputies was more than 3000 vehicles, with most carrying 3 to 4 adults. That means that we had over 10,000 shoppers!

In 2009, sheriff deputies estimated that we had between 2500 and 3000 out-of-Oakhurst cars in Oakhurst on the day of the garage sale. That translates to more than 6000 actual shoppers.

In last year's garage sale and those in the past, we have had shoppers from as far away as Galveston, Angleton, Huntsville, Katy and Waller.

The 2011 Oakhurst Community-Wide Garage Sale will probably set even more records!

With around 100 new homes being built each year, the 2011 garage sale is going to be even more phenomenal, with more participating homes.

But a consensus seems to be forming that we have reached a practical limit for shoppers. With more than 10,000 shoppers last year, we really pushed the limits of our Sheriff Deputies, to manage traffic. This year, in an attempt to keep the number of shoppers stable in this range, we'll be reducing our advertising.

We don't want the number os shoppers to get smaller. We just think that we don't need it to grow any larger.

To eliminate some traffic issues, we'll also be making more streets one-way, for that morning. See our map for details.

Don't miss the largest garage sale in the Greater Houston area. Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 7:00 AM.

We Had Sales and Crowds Everywhere!

The following images were taken after 9:00AM, after the garage sale had been underway for more than two hours. On a typical, Saturday, these roads would have almost no traffic and you would only rarely see a car parked on the street.
Click below, to see the Fox26 Report on the 2010 Oakhurst Community Garage Sale.
Tips for Shoppers:

Oakhurst has roughly 1000 occupied homes and about 1 in every 5 of those homes are expected to participate in this years's garage sale. But be aware that Oakhurst wraps around an 18-hole golf course, so you could miss some great shopping, if you aren't prepared. Here are some tips, to help insure that you will make the most of your shopping.

Click on the map on the right side of this page and print it out, the night before the sale. Then use it to plan your route. The final update to the map will be at Noon on Oct. 7. There will also be printed black & white maps at the entrances to Oakhurst and at key intersections, but they will not include late registrations, since they will be sent out for printing several days before the garage sale.
Make the most of your time by using the map to avoid congestion. Rather than turn down a congested street and waste time in traffic, use the map to find a less congested area, with just as many sales and come back to that street later. There will be well over 150 garage sales in Oakhurst - quite possibly over 200, when late registrations are included. Why sit is traffic, on an already shopped street, when you could be shopping in a less congested and less shopped area? In general, areas deeper into Oakhurst tend to have less early morning traffic. Seek out less congested areas and spend your time shopping in areas that have not been heavily shopped, instead of sitting in traffic on streets that have already seen thousands of shoppers.
Follow the signs to more garage sales. In addition to the maps, we'll have many directional signs around Oakhurst, pointing to areas deeper in Oakhurst, where you'll find just as many garage sales, but less congestion. In fact, the newest homes in Oakhurst are deep into the subdivision and they are the ones that have not participated in past garage sales. This means that they probably have more things to sell from their last home, than those residents who have participated in our prior years' sales.
Look for the balloons. Some residents decide, at the last minute, that they want to participate and may not register in time to get on the map. But residents have been instructed to use balloons, to draw attention to their garage sale. So just because a particular street may not be marked on the map, as having a garage sale, doesn't mean that you should pass it by. Look down each street for balloons. Because late registrations are not on the map, they won't have as many shoppers, which means those shoppers who do find them will be more likely to find some good buys.

Every section of Oakhurst will be having multiple garage sales, yet only a few areas will see any serious traffic congestion. Don't miss any of the sales, by being stuck in traffic. The maps are the key. Use them to your advantage.

About the Oakhurst @ Kingwood Community Garage Sale

Is The Oakhurst @ Kingwood Community Garage Sale really the largest community-wide garage sale in the Houston area?

We think so. Here's why.

To begin with, this is not a flea market type sale, where people bring the few items that will fit into the trunk of their car, to some parking lot. This is more than 150 individualreal garage sales, all in one area, where sellers aren't limited to only what will fit in the car. This is the real thing.

In fact, when late registrations are included, it could be more than 200 individual garage sales, as has happened in each of the last two years.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then ours speaks volumes. Click on the
Current map of Participating Homes.
At this time, that map is last year's final map, but we will be updating it with this year's map soon.

In 2008 we had over 140 participating homes.
In 2009 we had over 204 participating homes.
In 2010 we had over 222 participating homes.
One in every 8 Oakhurst homes participated in 2008.
One in every 5 Oakhurst homes participated in 2009.
One in every 5 Oakhurst homes participated in 2010.

In 2008, deputies estimated that we had over 1000 out-of-Oakhurst vehicles.
In 2009, deputies estimated that we had 2500 to 3000 out-of-Oakhurst vehicles.
In 2010, deputies estimated that we had over 3000 out-of-Oakhurst vehicles, with most carrying 3 to 4 adults, meaning that we had more than 10,000 shoppers!
Oakhurst is still growing, with new homes being built all the time. In fact, three new sections have been opened since last year. Due to increasing popularity and new home sales, we're expecting the Oakhurst @ Kingwood Community Garage Sale to continue to have great resident participation for years to come.

In fact, the Oakhurst @ Kingwood Community Garage Sale is expected to continue to grow in size for several more years, as more homes are built.

Just a few of the things that people have sold in our past garage sales range from small items like baby clothes, toys and Clinique samples, to large items like kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, furniture, lawn mowers and exercise equipment. But that's just a tiny sample. With more than 200 participating homes every year, our shoppers have found all kinds of bargains.

Count on it, you'll find just about anything that you're looking for at the Annual Oakhurst @ Kingwood Community Garage Sale.

In the past, we've had shoppers who told us that they had come from as far away as Katy, Sugarland, Baytown, Galveston, Angleton, League City, Huntsville and Waller.

You can literally shop more garage sales in one morning than you are likely to shop in the rest of the year.

So you tell us. Have you ever seen a community-wide garage sale even remotely as huge as this, anywhere in the Houston area? Have you ever seen it anywhere?

You have to see it to believe it.

Mark your calendars now, for

October 8, 2011!


Printed maps will be made available in info-boxes, at the entrances to Oakhurst and at key intersections within Oakhurst. Those boxes will be refilled as often as possible, for as long as the maps last.

But to make sure that you have a map, in case we should run out, we suggest that you download our ready-to-print (PDF) version of the map, from our web site. We recommend that you download and print the online map the night before, to get the latest version and then plan your route. After all, it will take planning to cover between 150 and 250 expected garage sales.

Also, the online map will be more current than the printed map, since it will be updated right up to noon, the day before the sale, while the printed version will be sent to the printer several days before the garage sale.

Shoppers are reminded that Oakhurst wraps around an 18 hole golf course and unless you have a map or know the area, you could easily miss a section with lots of homes and sales. That's why we encourage shoppers to print out the online map, before coming. We expect about 1 in every 5 homes in Oakhurst to participate in this garage sale.

You don't want to miss a one.

Important Message for Homeowners:


By deed restriction, residents are not allowed to place private signs out. Instead, the community association recommends that you tie balloons to your trees or mail box.

The community association will provide framed custom signs at the main entrances to Oakhurst and numerous custom signs throughout Oakhurst, to make certain that shoppers can find their way to each of the various areas of Oakhurst.


Each year, the community association will have a number of off-duty deputies on hand for the garage sale, both for security and to deal with traffic issues. They will be in Oakhurst an hour or two before sunrise. Also, the Montgomery County Sheriff has been notified and they will be making additional patrols through Oakhurst, during the garage sale. With their able help, each of our past community garage sales have gone off without a hitch.

Resident Registration:

Oakhurst residents are urged to sign up for the community garage sale at least a month before the event. We need to know how many homes are participating, so we can use that information for scheduling the proper amount of security. It also helps to have that info for our advertising.

After all, one of the reasons why our community garage sale is so popular is because we're able to advertise and deliver so many participating homes. Shoppers want to shop where they can visit the most number of garage sales in the smallest area and amount of time. As a result of the size of this garage sale, we have had shoppers drive more than 100 miles, one-way, to visit this event. They are willing to do that because they know that we deliver.

Homeowners should register for this year's garage sale, by emailing your Name, Address and Phone number to:

(email address obfuscated, to prevent spam)

About Oakhurst @ Kingwood:

The Oakhurst @ Kingwood Golf Course Community is the newest part of Kingwood, with homes ranging from the $170s to $1 million. Oakhurst is located just northwest of the intersection of US59 and North Park Drive, with entrances both on the US59 southbound access road and on North Park Drive, 0.3 mile west of US59. Note that this is the only part of Kingwood that is west of US59.

More than 90% of the 1000-plus occupied homes in Oakhurst are less than 8 years old. That means that a lot of homeowners have a lot of items from previous homes that don't go with their new home and that they now want to sell. Also, since most new homes come with appliances, many homeowners will have appliances to sell, from their past home.

The Oakhurst Community-Wide Garage Sale is truly an event that you don't want to miss and it comes only once a year. So mark your calendar now.

Getting to Oakhurst

You may navigate this map or click on the link below, to view it on GoogleMaps.

Just be aware that the Google maps of this area are not up-to-date, due to lots of new construction. We suggest that you use this Google map to get to Oakhurst and once you get to the entrance to Oakhurst, you should use our Garage Sale Map (here), which is correct and shows the location of participating homes.

View Oakhurst @ Kingwood in a larger map


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